Our Services

Tideland Utilities, Inc. specializes with in-house crews in water & sewer installation. These include the following for each specific discipline:

Water installation

  • Underground water mains supplying potable water for single family, mulit-family, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects.
  • Underground fire mains for mulit-family, commercial, industrial and municipal projects.
  • Systems include any and all necessary valves, fire hydrants, fire risers, services and other ancillary requirements.

Water Main and Service Installation


Wet Taps on Existing Mains

Sewer installation

  • Underground gravity sanitary sewer systems including mains, manholes, and services.
  • Sewer forcemains including Air Release Valves.
  • Sewer liftstations up to and including regional stations.
  • Sewer grinder stations for residential and smaller multi-use applications.

Sewer Lift Stations Installation and Maintenance


Sewer Main and Service Installation


Storm Drain Installation